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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Peace Corps Training Village Resort

In Peace Corps terms I am now a sophomore.
In the midst of the rainy season, a new group joins us as volunteers.  For Peace Corps the Gambia, every six months marks the changing of the seasons of our Peace Corps service with the exiting of old volunteers and the entrance of new ones.  We now have 13 new education volunteers here to teach at The Gambia's schools, help train teachers, and IT volunteers to improve on Gambians' computer skills.

A Fond Look Back at the Peace Corps Resort:

Well for my end of Ramadan celebration me and my new younger Peace Corps brother Gabriel got to go back to the place where it all started for us.

Oh yes those were the days. Training village! Lets look back at how Peace Corps Resorts get their 5 goats of quality rating.

Meet the high quality Peace Corps pit latrine. Complete with foot markers, a cover, and wetness... now with 30% less flies. fine print Sadly higher rates of fire ant infestations may occur.

My former room... awww the memories

For the end of Ramadan. Everyone dresses up in single tone complets... some more groovy then others.

A view out of the resort you find many convenient features... like a small shack to buy bread and ahhh...

Served everyday... all day... at all times when sitting under the mango tree ataya... yummm green tea and 5 times your daily sugar allowance in a small glass!

Meet Dinner. Sorry but you got us up at 330am... that is an offense punishable by death and a light onion sauce.

Your well... please notice the goat outside of the well instead of in the well. Please see "Water with a Hint of Goat" for any questions regarding the goat content of your well.
I am going to make it short and sweet for today.
this is one of my favorite photos that I have taken here. I just haven't had a place to frame it so I'll just let it stand alone.

Spend the day in Peace

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  1. Hello Xander, it's Teka. I have to agree that this is my favorite photo so far. I am in Spain now, but read your blog regularly. I took my cue from you as well and started my own actually, tekaisrael.blogspot.com Anyways, just wanted to say hello and that I miss you.