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Monday, August 22, 2011

Cape Verde in Pictures

Welcome to the largely pictorial account of our trip to Cape Verde.  The images are mostly chronological and captions give you an idea of our adventures.  For the most part though I am going to let the pictures do the talking. (I will also include the similarities and differences between Cape Verde and Gambia)  

Difference 1: Cape Verde Treats its dogs better

Difference 2: No bumpsters on the beach

Similarity 1: Same undying love of Barack Obama on everything made for sale

Similarity 2: Women still carry everything on their heads

Difference 3: Everything is in Portuguese. But our collective Spanish sufficed most orders
Similarity 3: Still have thatched roves though not as many

Tired of listing them out... but they are also fishermen, their boats however are much prettier

Things needed for trip: Good travel companions - check!

Cape Verde was stunningly beautiful everywhere. This is Mindelo.

The biggest thing that Cape Verde has that Gambia doesn't ELEVATION!

In our travels we spent the night with Peace Corps volunteers who lived and worked on a volcano in a pine forest
that is often above the clouds

This is the crater of an extinct volcano, inside lies a village of farmers who farm the still rich soil.

Ok, huge difference.  Cape Verde they built everything with rocks and even terraced the hills they farmed to prevent erosion.

Never seen before in the Gambia, behold: THE WOOLLY DONKEY! 

Our mountain Sherpa (a Peace Corps Volunteer named Scott) and Sharon.
Notice the beautiful cobblestone roads on the side of a cliff!

One of our magnificent hikes took us down the side of a vertical volcano face down through the clouds

Under the clouds, towns that farmed bananas, sugar cane, and coffee

A local cheese and grog maker had a side kick...
Grog is the national drink of sugar cane liquor that is brewed locally, it provides entertainment for the locals in the form of stumbling down steep volcanic cliffs

We went to see a local dojo of Capoeira martial artists.  Capoeira is a form of "dance fighting" popular in Brazil.  Cape Verde is also a big fan! 

We all enjoyed the finer things in life not found in Gambia... some it was wine. For me fresh coffee was everywhere!

We enjoyed food not seen or eaten by us in 8 months

On the ferry

The trip was an awesome invigoration for another round in the Gambia... Thanks for looking


  1. Absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing Xander! I especially loved the views from great heights. That hike above the clouds must have been beyond spiritual! I'm sorry I haven't kept up enough with all your amazing adventures. I hear about things from Nav and Rach. I'm going to catch up soon! Love, Alicia

  2. Vertical volcano hiking in the clouds: Want. Looks amazing. Cheers dude.

  3. I agree 100% with Pat!!! That volcano hike is RIDICULOUS Xander!!!! So glad we get to experience part of this incredible part of your life with you!
    Cheers! Julie