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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pictures of my Families in City and Village

My City Family
Today's post is primarily for my Mom to print off all the photos found here so that I can give them to the people I am close with here in the city and here in village. The Pictures below are of Musa, his wife Dabo, and his kids. He was very excited when I told him my mom was coming and that I would bring him these photos. The photos are not the best as Gambians have a tendency to close their eyes every time in anticipation of the flash and I only find out later that they are no good...

A repeat, Musa and ram about to be slaughtered.
Daba the mother here who cooks me great dinners and will soon cook a traditional dish of benachin for my mom in only a week!

Kids Abdoul and Sheik in their matching shirts

Musa wanted this one... these are all the rams out in front of the compound before Tobaski about to be slaughtered

They always close their eyes! I didn't realize this until it was bigger but its all I have.

My Village Family
Losing a Family Member

One of the kids in my family past away just a short while ago. His name was Malik Ngum and he was an adorable 5 year old boy. He is one of the millions here who die from the many infectious diseases, he had contracted Yellow Fever which is carried by a mosquito similar to the one that carries Malaria. I want to post these pictures for remembrance.  

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