"The body is the harp of the soul. It is yours to bring forth from it sweet music or confused sounds" Kahlil Gibran

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This is the scariest most Godzilla like rooster I have found.  All the more reason they must be stopped!

You have heard of Rastafarian but I am resolving to be a Roostatarian.  Instead of some weird cultural movement or religion a Roostatarian has simply one conviction, to subside off of a diet of rooster meat.  My intentions behind this are simple; roosters are the bane of my existence.  The rooster does not crow to greet the day, it crows at whatever time it wakes up (here, usually at 5-5:30 depending on the mosque’s call to prayer).  It does not cease crowing really ever, it gets tired maybe, but will still squawk at regular intervals throughout the day.  If there are two male roosters it is worse.  To prove dominance I have watched two roosters awkwardly try to climb a mango tree to get the best position to squawk, all the while squawking each other in the face loudly.  This is too much for my sleep and sanity, what was a wolf spider day one, then a gecko, is now the worst trade off, a rooster.  Outside my window, they wait, wherever I go waiting to cookadoodaldo my sleep.  It is because of this, I think that I may be convinced to take my revenge by only eating rooster meat.  My thoughts have also drifted to having a C02 powered paintball gun which I can peak over the fence and painfully paint the scrawny roosters to teach them not to squawk at 5am.  For now my only salvation is finding the ear plugs in the morning.


Why is it that I drown the cockroaches I find (truly, large, scurrying and unkillable) and yet I find other insects adorable???  I don’t know, but for some reason I have become quite fond of the nest of bumble bees living in the roof of my bathroom shack (I have a shack with a toilet and water tap in the back of my duplex).  Anyway, some occasionally fall on their back in such a way they cannot get up (I think this is because of the smooth tile on the floor in the back).  The first one I found, I was particularly fond of naming it “bumbles” flipping him upright all the while giving him encouragement to fly after his tiring accident (Like “Oh bumbles you fell” and “Come on bumbles you can do it” in fact he flew away and was fine).  Others I help back into the nest, usually by letting them grab onto a broom and then holding them in from of their nest until they crawl back.  So far I have not been stung, but have been getting continually more paranoid that I will step on one as I make my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night as I have almost this done many times already.

Watching people watching me

So, I was recently surprised when I was looking through the stats on my blog and found out most people have been accessing my site recently from the UK?  I found the link and realized that I had entered into a tourism forum where a lady had found my blog and titled it “Interesting Blog by NGO worker, Gambian life” Complete with an analysis “He certainly has it sussed lol. If you read all his posts from the beginning you can see how his feelings for Gambia can be at variance in the same posting. He has a clear respect for the traditional Gambian way of life but hates modern Gambia with all the crassness its absorbing from the 1st world." It is fascinating to see how the internet forms connections like this over the web.   Also, we have a ridiculous chain of “I see you, you see me” because now, they will know that I know that I see them seeing me, and it could continue infinitely, but I will end it now by just saying hi and apologizing if anyone was offended by my comments on the royal wedding, as I have had some negative feedback on the polarizing comments. (I guess it up already as I just posted on there).

My main room after a few homey touches.
Just a note, if anyone wants to keep up with other friends of mine; most people access my site, and the site of other Peace Corps volunteers through Peace Corps journal which indexes all of us volunteers throughout the world.


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