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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pictures only.

This is the start of a post where I will try to post pictures as the internet becomes available for me to do so

So here goes in no particular order.  First, the photo of the infamous geko in my room shortly before I caught him!

This is a wonderful lifetime memory picture.  This is on my swear in day, from left to right: Saikou - Head of Peace Corps Environmental Program, Me, Joanne -the country director for IRD (ie my new boss), Jeffery Cornish- The Peace Corps Country Director, The US ambassador Pamela White, Sherrif - Peace Corps staff and guy who helps me with everything, and finally Bahtwo (Really Momodu Bah, but he is the second one the family named Momodu Bah so he is Bah2, no joke), he is the environmental program assistant also a wonderful help on my journey.

After my adventure in the mangroves we toured an incredible ecotourism site where large baboons roamed the premises

Also on swear in day, this is the Wolof language speakers and teachers class of 2011

On my trek through the bush we came across the most incredible tree. It is called a strangler fig, so named because it chokes other trees and grows around it. It was so amazing to see a tree growing around another tree.

This was just an incredible picture of kids in the village playing with a bike frame.

I am starting to take pictures of feet here, because they tell incredible stories. This is an old woman's foot in village.

A shop in the Gambia

Yes and below is simply a cute donkey
This is me all the way back on Feb 1st or so getting my site placement told to me for the first time by way of surprise picture and arrow placement 
Finally, a standard Gambian meal.  Rice, an onion, and a bony fish.

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