"The body is the harp of the soul. It is yours to bring forth from it sweet music or confused sounds" Kahlil Gibran

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Gambia

The Gambia. It inspires certain awe, specifically because it has earned the title THE, entering it into some special class reserved for names like The Rock, The King, and The Clap. It is the smallest and one of the poorest countries in Africa, and upon reading my orientation material, I found that running water, electricity and a bath room were all things I would most likely not have. I now wonder if a blog is even possible under these conditions or if I should resign myself to old fashioned snail mail. This will be a developing story. As I feel I should have the ability to write letters and blog posts on my computer via a solar charging kit and then transfer them to a flash drive and send them out in batch when I journey into a larger town on perhaps a biweekly basis.

I have accepted this invitation without question. This is certainly the next step in my journey. I depart January 3rd or 4th

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